Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oughtn't I flush?

Dear Al Gore;

Every morning I use the toi-toi before I take a shower. Sometimes, okay... quite often... I forget to flush. But do I? My fiance yells at me. Sometimes she beats me. (If I'm lucky :-)

So it brings up this question... when should we flush? Yes, yes... even with that spare two-liter of Pepsi I once decided to recycle stuck in my toilet to reduce the amount of water used in each flush... I still have this question. I mean, doesn't it waste "waste" water no matter how few times I flush?

Granted, I'm not advocating pooing in my fun-bucket multiple times, but is pee-pee really that bad? Okay, after asparagus... yes. DEFINITELY yes. But really, if I don't flush before taking a shower... is it THAT bad? It's not like I peed in my honey's coffee cup. Though I did that to my baby brother once. He thought it was apple juice! G-d, two year old's are SO gullible. Anyway, that was another time.

SO... what would you do? Outhn't I flush?


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Julia said...

I'm not Al Gore but I like to talk about pee!

Why don't you just pee in the shower? The water all goes to the same place.

When I was growing up my mom taught me the phrase "yellow is mellow, brown goes down." We only followed that at my aunt's house where the plumbing was old and the water supply variable. It does mean you can't skip toilet bowl cleaning as often if you don't want a ring.

There are more expensive solutions to this problem as well. Dual flush toilets allow you to use less water if you're just flushing pee. Check out ideal bite's compilation of info on dual flush toilets.

There are also composting toilets...

So, I'm sure that was way more than you wanted to think about.