Friday, November 2, 2007

And the DVDs? Who will care for them?!

Dear Al;

So the writers are going on strike now in Hollywood. And one of their demands is that they get paid more money for DVDs. Which brings up a question for me -- aren't DVDs unrecyclable yet too easily scratchable? I mean, I just bought a used DVD recently (trying to, you know, re-use) but it was unwatchable... both the content and the DVD itself. I guess that's my fault for buying Jack Ass the Movie though.

But it pains me to think that this DVD will be around long after me, sitting in a dump, another relic of mankind's waste.

Hey! Wait a second, didn't you make a DVD too? How did you handle it (besides making it so awesome that no one would ever throw it away)? Is your's secretly made of recycled gum-drops and pie-in-the-sky?

And finally, as a "writer" on that little-project-you-did, are you going to be striking? I hope so... cause then at least one (shoulda-been) President will have visited our fire-damaged state.


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