Thursday, November 1, 2007

Icky Question

Dear Al Gore,

Many of us here at "Dear Al Gore," have been concerned lately with how to properly recycle items with foodstuffs still attached. I come to this forum with a slightly T.M.I.ish, slightly icky variation on that theme.

You see, chez nous, my husband and I recycle about three times as much as we throw away, and we compost as well, cutting down on food waste in our "trash." What I have noticed, is that bathroom trash makes up a pretty significant part of what we do throw away. You know what I mean: snotty tissues, waxy q-tips, cotton balls with toner/astringent and dead skin cells clinging to them. Now, I know all of these items are actually recyclable in their pristine state, but can I (should I?) recycle them when they're sullied with human detritus?

The next time you're taking a break from saving the world, please let me know your feelings on this matter.

Much appreciation,

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