Monday, December 24, 2007


Dear Al Gore,

There is a lot of snow. It is hard to walk and it is cold. Why does this happen?


PS - Now there is a lot of melting because it is warm in December. Please explain.

Jo-Jo prize

Dear Al Gore,

Last week, I brought the rest of a package of holiday Jo-Jos from Trader Joes (never mind how many "the rest of the package means"). Needless to say, depsite my office instituting recycling, they don't yet recycle the plastic cookie trays that hold the delicious Jo-Jos. So, I brought the tray home to recycle it there. I think I should get a prize - more Jo-Jos?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ecological Impact of Ecological Research

Dear Al,
I am avoiding working on my research proposal studying the effect of an invasive species - the red-eared slider turtle on the threatened red-bellied turtle and comparing that effect to the effect of habitat fragmentation and ease of human access. That sentence was way too long. I try not to print articles I can access on line or save electronically but I leave my bed room light on 'cause the dog's afraid of the dark and I leave the radio on for him. The school has these huge E85 friendly SUVs that we take to go trap turtles. Not that we have any E85 to put in them but even if we did - E85 is just as energy intensive - possibly more - as regular gas. I have endless examples. Do you understand my dilemma? I should really finish writing that report now.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Dear Al Gore,

This past weekend we killed a tree for Festivus. Forgive us? We will compost it appropriately, and I will plant two new plants in its honor.

Cameron, Mark, & Felix


Dear Al Gore,
Today my condo association decided to get a compost bin for us all to use, instigated of course by yours truly. This is supported in large part by the town of Brookline, where we live, they are offering the following deal. An Earthmachine composter for the bargain price of $25 (they normally retail for $80+). From the flyer, "The Town is able to offer the bins at this low price with the support of a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection." We are all excited to do our part to reduce our impact on landfills!

Yay for the the town taking advantage of state grants, yay for the state offering them, yay for my condo association!

love & happy holidays,