Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a Latin Conspiracy!

Dear Al Gore,

Did you know that your name is latin for coldness? Is that a coincidence (or as my grandfather would say, a coinkidinkle), or did you change your name when you first realized that the climate was changing? It's quite handy for the nobel prize winner, for a powerpoint thinly disguised as a documentary no less, to have a name related to the weather. Storm Field and Dallas Raines were already taken and were perhaps a bit too obvious, so I bet your Harvard nerdiness broke through that calm demeanor and suggested that you take a name that would make other nerds who took latin in high school proud. If that is the case, bravo. Very subtle, very smart.

Cara (latin for dear, spanish for face; which do you think i prefer?)

1 comment:

will said...

i took latin in high school, but remember nothing. guess i am not a nerd.