Monday, October 29, 2007


Dear Al Gore,

Today my bestie ate the leftovers from her burrito. We stored this leftover in the fridge in the original tin foil, inside the paper bag we received from the dining establishment. After she was done eating she asked me where to recycle the various items. The paper bag was easy, with the paper recycling, but the tin foil posed a challenge. The tin foil was covered with food stuffs and my recycling bin is outside our apartment in the hallway. Our building has in the past had a rodent problem so I don't want attract further pests into the building with the promise of scraps of food on my recycling, yet trying to scrub the tin foil seems like a waste of water and gas (which is what is used to heat the water heater).

Tell me what should I have done?

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this pressing matter.


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Kristopher W said...

Interesting letter, I encountered the same problem at work today (ish).

In LA, the recycling bins now accept the plastic containers that food often come in. BUT, they don't want the food containers to be dirty. So what do you do?

I chose to rinse it out a little. And use a little paper towel (recyclable). I figure we have to do it with tin cans, so why not food containers.

AND theoretically, water reclamation plants are supposed to work. Sigh. Maybe I have too much faith in the system?