Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin

Dear Al,
What is Sarah Palin's family's carbon footprint? Also she has five children, clearly she and her husband are contributing more to our over population problem than are the Obamas. Since we live in such a high consumption society, any increase in our population is tied to our over-use of resources problem. She is about 44 her eldest is 19 so she started having children at about age 25. Because of exponential growth, a woman who delays reproduction drasticaly reduces her contribution to the future size of the human population. 25 is older than the national median age of 21 at first reproduction (according to: Patterns of Survival and Reproduction in the United States: Implications for Selection Dudley Kirk Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 59, No. 3 (Mar. 15, 1968), pp. 662-670) but her daughter at 17 is already having a baby. 17 is much later than the average onset of menstruation (12) but so far below 25.

Part of her credentials include her energy policy experience. Exponential growth of the human population will require reworking our entire approach to energy policy.

Also her 5 children are above the median of 3 children per woman.

Somehow a median age of first childbirth of 25 and a median number of children of 3 (3rd at age 27) translates into the US haveing a fertility rate of 1.8. Even though we have a rate of 1.8 (I think the units are children per woman) there are more people being born than dying because of the lag in population from the baby boom in the 40s.

Al, explain this better. -

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